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Prince Georges Feral Friends


Two Full-Day Seminars


Dr. Christina B. Chambreau


Learn how to have a healthier companion animal

using holistic health care.


YOUR PET NEEDS MORE than a once-a-year trip to the veterinarian.


great behavior, glowing coat, healthy appetite, fresh smell, very few illnesses, no fleas, no stiffness, a healthy skin and more ...

May 5, 2002, 9am-5pm: Holistic Health Care for Pets

LEARN HOW to help your companion animal to be healthy:

* What is health?
* Optimal diets for health.
* How vaccines, drugs and chemicals affect your pet.
* How to recognize the symptoms of underlying energy imbalance.
* Treatment of common diseases.
* What is cure, palliation, and suppression?
* Learn about a variety of holistic healing techniques.

May 19, 2002, 9am-5pm: Introduction to Homeopathy for Animals


* What is the meaning of "vital force"?
* What homeopathy is and what it can offer.
* History and theory of homeopathy.
* How remedies are made and used.
* How to take a case.
* How to identify characteristic symptoms.
* How to select and administer a remedy.
* How to evaluate the response to a remedy.
   ... PLUS, you will be introduced to the Homeopathic Repertory and Materia Medica.

PREREQUISITE: This seminar builds on the concepts taught in the previous seminar. Registrants should also take the Holistic Health Care for Pets seminar, have equivalent training, or permission of the instructor.

These seminars will be held at Bowie City Hall, 2614 Kenhill Dr., Bowie, MD 20715. Space is limited, so advance registration is recommended. Walk-ins can not be guaranteed space. Print out the registration form, fill it out, and mail it along with your check for $50 for one seminar ($90 for both) to:

Prince Georges Feral Friends,
4203 Enterprise Rd.
Bowie, MD 20720.