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American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Annual Conference 2003, Durham NC

For general information about the conference, see the AHVMA web site.

Saturday, September 20, The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy

The AVH seminar was given by Larry Bernstein and Lori Tapp.

Saturday's full-day session was led by the team of Larry A. Bernstein, VMD, PcHom., CVH and Lori Tapp, DVM, MS. Topics included Philosophy of Symptoms, Taking the Case, Practical Guide to Posology, Materia Medica Study, Understanding Miasms, Remedy Reactions, and a Wet Lab Case. The group was lively, and brought a myriad of perspectives to the proceedings. Bernstein offered some ways in which cycles and segments can help us see cases. Tapp talked the gathering through a miasmatic approach to a case. Plentiful references to the Organon, to Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases writings, Kent and Boenninghausen were heard during the day. Rounding out the day was a cooperative case taken of a whippet.

Sunday, September 21, AHVMA Main Conference.

Sunday, Marty Becker led off with a keynote session, in which he regaled us and reminded us of just *how* good pets are for people.

In "Designing & Building a Green Energy Balanced Holistic Health Care Center", Margo Roman, DVM led us through a tour of the MASH Clinic, where feng shui principles, energy efficiency and authentically supportive materials complement the veterinary care.

Next session, Ron Schultz, MS, PhD covered "What Everyone Should Know About Canine & Feline Vaccines and Vaccination Programs". Ron provided a brief refresher on immunology concepts and then offered research findings from vaccinology.

Following the afternoon break, Susan Beal, DVM led us in wrestling with how to see immune-mediated illness through the eyes of homeopathy.

A newcomer's social capped the day.

Monday, September 22, AHVMA Main Conference.

The Monday morning session "What's New in Immunity and Endocrine Disorders" by Jean Dodds DVM covered the significance of titers very clearly.

In "Veterinary Homotoxicology" Paula Jo Broadfoot DVM briefed us on homotoxicology, an approach to balancing the matrix and body systems using Reckeweg's bridging of homeopathy and conventional medical indications.

"Sound Therapy" was an opportunity to learn about how the Quantum science viewpoint helps us to understand energetic healing, specifically how sound can serve as a medium for delivery of healing energies.

Monday evening closed with cocktails, the banquet and dancing afterward.

Tuesday, September 23, AHVMA Main Conference.

Tuesday morning we heard the latest on use of mistletoe extract in immune modulation and cancer therapy - a little about the harvest and preparation of some mistletoe extracts, and some cases where this extract was used with success in treating cancer lesions.

(Image to come shortly.)

Next we heard about glyconutrients -- essential sugars, usually derived from a member of the aloe family -- to support healing in critical cases. Dr. Young briefly reviewed some of the metabolic process steps, then outlined how the glyconutrients play a role in the immune system's work.

(Image to come shortly.)

Dr. Tobin talked about the roles that animals play in our lives, and hosted a lively discussion and sharing of many attendees' own accounts of experiences with animals.

(Image to come shortly.)

In the final conference session, Dr. Pollack offered his protocol "for eliminating 85% of common disease in our pets." He stressed the importance of true nutrition, of what fresh, whole, raw foods that are appropriate to the species can do for our pets and patients.

(Image to come shortly.)

Throughout the conference, attendees had opportunities to visit exhibition hall booths filled with both old and new products for holistic care, from foods through nutraceuticals and aromatherapy or the latest reference materials and diagnostic support.

The Tilfords present their line of herbal formulas, Animal's Apawthecary.

Vetri-Science and Standard Process are two manufacturers of high-quality nutritional products.

Dr. Christina Chambreau explains the benefits of membership in the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.