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Nathan Winograd Responds

Nathan Winograd, formerly of San Francisco, turned five people and three traps into 1,100 users of the SPCA's TNR program. With over 10,000 surgeries, the feral death rate at the city pound dropped by over 70%.

Since June 2001, Executive Director of the Tompkins County SPCA in Ithaca, New York, ( Mr Winograd periodically joins the No More Homeless Pets group on Yahoo! (www.YahooGroups.Com/Groups/NMHP) to answer the questions of the list members.

The following questions, and Nathan Winograd's responses, are made available here with permission. They are reproduced without modification.

Nathan Winograd's Introduction -- No-kill overnight? Can't be!

How do we even get started to find like minded people?

How to change views on euthanizing ferals?

Countering the predation issue.

Contact Information:
Nathan Winograd, Executive Director
Tompkins County SPCA
1640 Hanshaw Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850
phone: (607) 257-1822 ext. 27