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County Executive Rushern Baker
Speaks For Himself
The Performance of the Animal Managment Division
Establishing TNR as a County Policy
The "Pit Bull Ban"

July 2, 2013

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There was one thing that Candidate Baker wanted to be sure of, which is Rule #1 to take Prince George's County from Good to Great.

Mr. Baker on Neighborhood Cats and TNR

When asked if he would support TNR as a county policy. He responded. Mr. Baker pointed out that implementing TNR would have little budetary impact.

Mr. Baker recognised the benefits of having TNR as a county policy. It would reduce animal cruelty, and it would also reduce the county's kill rate.

Mr. Baker eliminated one common, but misinformed, objection to having TNR as a county policy. It would not hurt the budget.

It seems that Mr. Baker does not think that Compassion should be illegal. Candidate Rushern Baker told about his Neighborhood Cat.

A casual conversation took place after the forum. (This was not intended for broadcase, so the audio is poor, sorry.) When informed about the practice of Animal Management Division, he responded like most residents of Prince George's County would.

Mr. Baker on the "Pit Bull Ban"

When asked about the controversial "Pit Bull Ban", Mr. Baker recognized that there is no scientific basis for discrimination against particular breeds of dogs.

When asked what he would do concerning the county's "Pit Bull Ban", he said that he supported changing the statute.

Mr. Baker on the Animal Services Facility's performance

Candidate Baker had hopes for making Prince George's County great by making it the safest place for animals, insuring that we do not kill animals at the current rate (speaking in June 2010), by getting the right people running our county shelter, and that they share the philosophy.

Promises Broken

Mr. Rushern Baker made many promises. NONE of them has been kept. In fact, many of the problems that he promised to address have gotten worse since his inauguration. The most important of these promises was to "Get the right people working at the shelter." Mr. Baker has not kept this promise, and consequently, Animal Management Division's dismal performance continues as a result of incompetent leadership.

In 2010, the year that Mr. Baker was campaigning, about 5600 animals were killed at the Animal Services Facility. In 2011, the first year of Mr. Baker's term, the number of animals killed rose to about 6500. The number fell back a bit in 2012, but was still higher than in 2010 when Mr. Baker said it was too high.

There has been no effort on the part of County Executive Baker to deal with the "Pit Bull Ban".

The Big Question

Many people have been receiving email messages from Mr. Baker lately. Mr. Baker pleads, "Your support of the Baker campaign is incredibly valued. We invite you to celebrate with Rushern as he kicks off his 2014 campaign. Will you be a part of it?"

Support takes the form of donations of $30, $250, $500, or even $1,000 for a BBQ!

Mr. Baker asks, What are you waiting for?

Indeed, Mr. Baker, What are YOU waiting for?

The Sound Bites in this email were extracted from the statements made by Mr. Baker at the Prince George's County Executive 2010 Candidate Forum. To watch the video containing all of the questions and the responses from Mr. Baker, Click here.

Please click below to sign the petition to "Remove the Dishonest, Insubordinate, and Incompetent Rodney Taylor from Animal Management".

If you have already signed this petition, then forward this message to those that you know would prefer to see animals saved, rather than killed, at the Prince George's County Animal Services Facility.

Also, please help us to emphasize the importance of this matter by calling the County Executive and/or the Chief Administrative Officer and telling them that Prince George's County residents (both human and non-human) deserve better than the treatment that they get from the current Administrator of Animal Management. The Department of Environmental Resources is responsible for the Animal Management Division. The contact information for the Director and his Deputy are also provided below. (You will not likely be able to speak to them personally, but you can leave a message with their staff.)

Thank you very much.

At the Candidate Forum,
in June 2010,
Mr. Baker promised,

that he would
"get the right people
working in the shelter."

Click here to tell Mr. Baker that ...

It's time to
"Remove the
Dishonest, Insubordinate, and Incompetent
Rodney Taylor
from Animal Management."

Please sign the petition, and then please
follow up with a letter or a phone call
to ...

Rushern L. Baker III, County Executive
County Administration Building, Suite 5032
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-3070

(301) 952-4131

County Executive Baker and his deputy can be reached as follows:

Rushern L. Baker III, County Executive
Phone: (301) 952-4131

Bradford Seamon, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: (301) 952-4547

County Administration Building, Suite 5032
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-3070

The Director of the Department of Environmental Resources and his deputy can be reached as follows:

Adam Ortiz, Director
Phone: (301) 883-5810

Larry S Coffman, Deputy Director
Phone: (301) 883-5795

Department of Environmental Resources
9400 Peppercorn Place, Suite 500
Largo, MD 20774

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