Holistic Health Care for Pets
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Introduction to Holistic Health Care for Pets

Instructor: Christina Chambreau, DVM

Prerequisite: None.

Description: This course will give you a new understanding of health for animals and people. The Holistic paradigm will be discussed as well as the goal of holistic treatment. The early warning signs of illness will be exposed, as well as the progression of disease and healing. The introduction of an array of holistic methods will make the student aware of the broad range of holistic treatments available. Vaccinations, nutrition, and the current best recommendations will also be covered.

Length (equivalent): 1 day.

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Part 1

Segment 1 (11 mins): Introduction and the pursuit of "The ONE Right Way".
Segment 2 (28 mins.): How do I know if my animal is healthy? (Subtle Signs of Ill-health)
Segment 3 (24 mins.): How can I help my animal to be more healthy? (Holistic Modalities)
Segment 4 (6 mins.): Questions and Answers

Part 2

Segment 1 (13 mins.): The Progression of Disease, and The Goal of Holistic Treatment
Segment 2 (8 mins.): Hints for Effective Journaling
Segment 3 (38 mins.): Improving Your Animals' Nutrition

Part 3

Segment 1 (12 mins.): Resources for Holistic Animal Care
Segment 2 (15 mins.): Questions About Nutrition
Segment 3 (25 mins.): Vaccines
Segment 4 (29 mins.): Rabies
Segment 5 (21 mins.): Basic Holistic Health Care Solutions

Part 4

Segment 1 (25 mins.): Questions About Supplements
Segment 2 (16 mins.): Flower Essences
Segment 3 (11 mins.): Building A Healing Team
Segment 4 (10 mins.): Aromatherapy
Segment 5 (22 mins.): Parasites
Segment 6 (5 mins.): Questions and Conclusion

Holistic Health Care for Pets is a program of
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