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Holistic Health Care for Pets


Introduction to Homeopathy for Animals

Dates to be determined

9 am - 5 pm

The full-day seminars are presented by Dr. Christina B. Chambreau, the dynamic, internationally-known lecturer and teacher.

Seminar participants have an opportunity to look at a large number of books that they may want to add to their reference libraries. Dr. Chambreau discusses many of them and illustrates how they might be helpful.

Many manufacturers of holistic health care products send literature and samples for the seminar participants. This saves a lot of time searching for sources of products that will help to improve the health of our animal companions.

Every participant is provided with a large set of seminar notes. The seminars are held in a large space where there is sufficient room for each participant to write their own comments on their handout.

To register, see our Holistic Seminar Flier.

Watch this space for announcements of future seminars. Seminar are held at Bowie City Hall.