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"Run Like a Feral Cat"
Benefit 5K Run/Walk

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Sunday May 15, 2005, 9:00 am


"Run Like A Feral Cat" benefit 5K Run/Walk — Join us for our first exciting inaugural race event while supporting Prince Georges Feral Friends in our effort to educate and support humane treatment of feral cats throughout the county through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).  FMI: check out our website


Greenbelt Youth Center, 99 Centerway, Greenbelt, MD 20770. Directions: From Greenbelt Road (near Rt. 295) turn on Southway. Proceed straight through two stop signs (after stopping!) To Centerway.


5 Kilometers (3.1 miles). The course will start just outside of the Greenbelt Youth Center and loop around the perimeter of the Albert S. "Buddy" Attick Lake.  The course is a 5 kilometer, virtually paved dirt path that provides one of the most beautiful picturesque settings in the county.  For those that have an appreciation of wildlife, you will see Canadian Geese overhead or in the lake, turtles slipping into the lake as you pass by, or an occasional red fox scampering in the underbrush.

However for those looking for a PR, this course will provide the opportunity and the challenge of a mostly flat fast course, but with a couple of short, quick inclines.  We think that this race will attract some of the best talent in the county.


Registration to this event is now open.  To register for this event, you can do so by clicking (*here*)for online registration or for registration forms. For those without online access, contact Vernon Bailey 301-794-8603 or mail a SASE to V. Bailey, 10324 Broom Lane, Lanham, MD 20706 for registration form.


Prior to 4/15/05: $20.00, After 4/15/05: $25.00, Day of event $25.00.  Cost includes: entry fee, "T" Shirt, and refreshments following the race.


Race Director: Vernon Bailey, 301-794-8603.


Our major sponsor is Zegato Solutions --, your one-stop shop for all your travel needs. Whether you need to plan a trip, get your trip approved or approve a trip, prepare an expense voucher, or manage your travel card ... is your answer — Making a difference in our community.


We will allow teams to participate and compete against each other, so gather together friends, family members, club members to form your team.

Teams will consist of three individuals, of mixed gender (1 male & 2 female) or (2 males & 1 female).  To qualify as a team, you must register under the exact same "team" name.  The teams will be ranked by time only.- whichever team comes in first, and second  A team trophy will be awarded to the winning teams.  This trophy can be displayed as a team achievement and accomplishment — these trophies can be displayed at the home, office or church.  We encourage team members to try to sign-up at the same time.


Awards in the form of handsome medals will be awarded based on the male or female top finishers in a given age category.  The categories will be as follows (team awards are given regardless of age):  13—19, 20—29, 30—39, 40-49, 50—59, 60—69, and 70+


Participant and Racers will pick-up racing packets at the Beltsville Petco store, 10464 Baltimore Ave., Beltsville, MD 20705, Saturday May 14th, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  Door prizes will be awarded for those who pick-up early.

On race day (Sunday May 15th), race packets can be picked-up on site.  Registration will open at 7:00 am at the Greenbelt Youth Center, 99 Centerway, Greenbelt, MD 20770.


Parking will not be allowed at the St. Hughs Catholic Church parking lot.

However, parking will be permitted along Cresent Rd., and in the large parking area adjacent to the Youth Center, or in the Greenbelt Public Library parking lot.


If your training starts now, it should give you plenty of time to build somewhat of a base, and even be able to do some specific training for the event.  Your training needs will vary depending upon if this is your first race or you've done 5K's before, and this is just a "stepping stone" for bigger events to come.  Your approach would be similar, but your intensity might vary.  One thing is for sure, the 5K distance will present an exciting challenge for seasoned runners such as myself, or for someone attempting it for the first time — it's all relative.  One thing that you may want to consider is building slowly, but consistently.  Your biggest rewards will be realized if you're running a minimum of 3-4 times a week.  Whether that run consist of a run/walk technique, jogging or all out running an 8:30 mile.  Try not to build to quickly, but push yourself beyond your last week's training goals, allowing your training to peak at just about the time of the event.

I run with a group of runners (PG Runners), and we're usually running at Buddy Attick Park in Greenbelt in the evening.  You're always welcome to do some of your runs with us.  The course is dirt path around the lake perimeter — my number is (301) 794-8603 — Vernon Bailey