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Know Your Rights!!!

When Confronted by a Prince George’s County Animal Control Officer (ACO)

— Facts —

An Animal Control Officer is NOT empowered to serve a warrant, search, or arrest.

If there is no Police Officer or Sheriff present,
you can not be served a warrant, searched, or arrested.

You are not required to allow the ACO into your house
without a warrant.

— Think Carefully —

You are not required to say ANYTHING.

Anything that you DO say, can and will be used against you.

There is no such thing as casual conversation.

Anything that you say may be used as justification to get a warrant.

— What to do? —

Do not allow the ACO into your house without a warrant.

(If there were justification to enter your house,
the ACO would probably already have a warrant.)

Ask for the Animal Control Officer’s Name and Badge Number.

Immediately after the encounter, write down the date and time of the incident
and exactly what happened as accurately as possible.

— Behave Yourself —

Do not be impolite.
Do not touch the ACO.
Do not argue with the ACO.
Do not threaten the ACO with a complaint.