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Beginner's Homeopathy Track: Intro, Intermediate, and Case Studies, June 21-27, Sat-Fri, 7 days

Introduction: Open to professionals and non-professionals, this comprehensive course will teach you the history, philosophy, and basics of homeopathy as applied to animal care. You will learn the treatment of acute problems and be introduced to the treatment of chronic problems. Vaccinations, nutrition, and the current best recommendations will also be covered. This course will give you a new understanding of health for animals and people.

Intermediate: This course provides an overview of treating chronic disease in animals. You will learn: how to take a case and evaluate the symptoms; how to use the repertory and "translate" it for use with animals; how to analyze the case and use the materia medica to select the best remedy; how to choose the correct potency; and, most important, how to evaluate an animal's response to treatment. You will also get some practice working on cases provided by the instructor and by fellow classmates.

Case Studies: Cases, Cases, Cases. Using the skills you have learned in the intermediate class, practice on real life cases.

$595 if registered online or postmarked by May 15, $725 thereafter.

$ 725.00