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Advanced Holistic Track: Cases Parts I and II, TCM, Nutrition, June 14-20, Sat-Fri, 7 days

Case Studies in Animal Homeopathy
This interactive course is for those who already use the repertory and have been prescribing for animals at the chronic disease level for at least a few months. Even experienced prescribers can benefit from analyzing cases and tapping into the expertise of fellow prescribers. Bring cases for which you are not getting the results you desire. Maybe you are confused about the response to the remedy, the remedy selection itself, or deciding when to represcribe. Together, we will deepen our ability to treat animals homeopathically. You may wish to repeat this course because the content is different each year.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pets: A Practical Introduction
This course begins with an overview of the theory of this ancient system of healing. You will learn about the Meridians and the acupuncture points. The nutritional component of TCM will be covered, including herbology and food therapy.

Real Food for Real Pets: Introduction to Animal Nutrition
This course begins with a brief history of the pet food industry, the difference in anatomy and physiology among herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Species-appropriate food and the pros and cons of various feeding options are covered. Apprehensions about diet changes are addressed along with some practical methods for transitioning to a better diet. Information about supplements and specific health problems is also provided.

Advanced Holistic Track: Cases Parts I and II, TCM, Nutrition, June 14-20, Sat-Fri, 7 days

$565 if registered online or postmarked by May 15, $685 thereafter.
$ 685.00