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PGFF Sues County -- Friday July 9th, 2010

Prince Georges Feral Friends, SPCA filed suit against the County for imputing ownership of feral cats by virtue of feeding them. Go to the PGFF SPCA home page to download the complaint filed with the court.

Cold Weather -- Sunday January 31st, 2010

If you are worried about animals out and about in the neighborhood, during cold weather such as the 20 degree nights and snowy days that Prince George's County has experienced so far this year, here are some things you can do to help: Frovide fresh, liquid water sources. Particularly in freezing weather, birds, as well as other creatures, can have trouble getting clean fresh water. A heater element for birdbaths is one option; but just periodically emptying and refilling containers with room-temperature water works as well. High energy food. Suet cakes for feathered friends are full of fat, which is important when an animal needs to burn lots of energy simply to stay warm. If you feed other animals, think nuts, renderings, and foods with ... yes! ... lots of fat. Add cooking grease to the food you offer to outdoor neighbors. Shelter. DRY and WINDPROOFED are the keys here. Not all animals will use a shelter. Some prefer to burrow in the ground or under brush and leaves. (It is a LOT warmer underground than on the surface) If you do opt to set up shelter, don't let it get wet and soggy because that works to ROB an animal of body heat. Clean shelters out regularly and replace any bedding you choose to add. Pay attention to the weather. Although an animal used to living outside (squirrels, deer, and feral-born cats) probably has a full winter coat and some cold-tolerance, it is NOT OKAY to put a pet outside in weather you would not tolerate! If it is too cold for you, it's too cold for your pet cat or dog to stay outside. Bring them in, and as always, when your dog needs to relieve itself, go out and walk WITH him. Remember you probably wanted a dog for the company and exercise! So take advantage of it! A walk only takes a few minutes, and I guarantee that once you get out there, you will even find that it can be fun! Thanks for caring for the animals. If you have more tips, give PGFF a call at 301-262-6452, or send an email and we will share the best ones!

DOUBLE your giving! -- Monday September 21st, 2009

We're really excited to announce that during the months of October and November this year, a marvelous, generous donor group has offered to match donations made to Prince Georges Feral Friends, SPCA. The match will be on each donation we receive up to a cumulative total of $10,000. Gifts must be effected between October 1 and November 30 (we always welcome pledges, but we won't count them toward the match, sorry!). Donors like you have made it possible for PGFF to operate and work with dozens of caring people around the county -- and we frequently have advised people from much farther away through email, phone conversations, and our web presence. Can you make a donation today, so that we can receive the full value of this match? You can donate on our web site, or mail a check to us at PO Box 1036, Bowie MD 20718. THANK YOU. And, our humble gratitude to the donor group making this match offer!

Violence Prevention -- Saturday April 1st, 2006

Later this month, PGFF leaders will attend a gathering featuring Dr. Frank Ascione, billed as "Violence Prevention & Intervention: How to Help Animals and Children" in Shepherdstown West Virginia. Be sure and check back for a report on the conference!

Collaboration -- Saturday April 1st, 2006

Last month, we had the privilege of joining leaders from organizations across Prince George's county to analyze our community's strengths and forge alliances to increase the impact of our services. PGFF members joined the discussion with members of the faith community, the Community Services Coalition, Human Services Coalition, several new organizations and more. In future workshops the group hopes to develop an exciting plan for working closer together and tapping additional resources