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Contructing Low-cost Winter Shelters

The purpose of this demonstration is to show caretakers how to build inexpensive outdoor shelters, each capable of housing 3 to 4 cats. These shelters can make the difference between life and death for a homeless cat when temperatures fall below the freezing point.

Common Tools from the Kitchen or Shop

1. Scissors

2. Box Knife

3. Long Serrated Kitchen Knife

4. Lg. Permanent Black Marker

Supplies needed to make the Shelter

1. Aunt Jeni's Corrugated Cardboard Box
(Cardboard Box comes with Inside Plastic Liner, 1 Inch Styrofoam insulation for top, bottom, sides and ends)

2. Clear Packing tape

3. Duct tape

4. Contact Paper

5. Hefty 3 millimeter black construction bags

6. Hay or other bedding

Alternative Plans

Also simple and inexpensive:
Animalkind, Inc Feral Cat Information - How YOU can shelter a feral cat this winter.

Somewhat more elaborate, more expensive, but more durable: